Sports Show Viewership Day After Patrick Mahomes' Record-Breaking Deal

At least for a few more weeks, any real sports news is a much-needed gift for the daily studio shows. They were given that Tuesday after the news broke the day before that Patrick Mahomes signed a record-breaking, make-you-faint 10-year, $503 deal.

Here were the shows that made the top 150, via ShowBuzzDaily:

Around the Horn, airing on ESPN2, was watched by 94,000. However, the news came out before its airing on Monday.

The Mahomes deal didn't give the shows the boost they were likely hoping for. Compared to the week before, to pick two, First Take was actually down from 308,000, while Get Up was up from 198,000. There wasn't much change across the board.

Cam Newton's signing didn't provide a noticeable increase in viewership last Monday, either.

Part of this, though, is a credit to Mahomes. He's so good that even a deal that reshapes the history of sports isn't debatable. No credible host was going to ask if he's worth it. Of course, he is. If you were to write the script of the greatest football player ever, the first three years would mirror Mahomes' start.

Mahomes has pulled so far away from the pack, ESPN is selling its QB list by asking who is second.

When was the last time the intrigue started at No. 2?

What's more, the sports shows are facing the cable news programs that continue to be on-fire from morning until night:

Disclosure: Outkick’s founder Clay Travis is an on-air personality at FS1.

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