Spider Woman Records Venomous Critter Crawling On Her Face

Why you would willingly let a venomous spider crawl on your head is anyone's guess. But that's what one Australian woman decided to do, and she has the video evidence to prove it.

And frankly, it's quite remarkable. Or scary. Or disturbing. It probably all depends on whether you have arachnophobia.

"Does this spider make my forehead look big?" Lisa Van Kula Donovan, an entomologist, wrote under her Instagram video. "Was separating babies tonight and needed mama out of the way. They ALWAYS run up your arms and onto your head and back. If I had a dollar for every time this happened...ammirite??"

Yes, babies. The female spider creeping out viewers on Donovan's face gave birth to a batch of offspring just a week earlier. And yes, that process was also posted for all the world to see.

Anyway, Donovan said that the spider is indeed venomous, but not considered deadly. "They are not aggressive and don't readily bite," she wrote.

But hey, in the event that doesn't creep you out, Donovan has plenty more. That includes a video of ants "cleaning up a dead mouse" in her yard. How awful. A venomous spider would never do such a thing.

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