South Dakota HS Senior Scores Game's Final TD Three Years After Accident That Left Him Paralyzed

Need something to brighten the mood in your life? Something special happened Friday night at the end of a high school game in Platte, South Dakota. Senior Brady Sprik, who three years ago this month was paralyzed in a car accident, was helped to the line by his fellow Platte-Geddes High School teammates and took a handoff into the endzone for the final touchdown in a 42-6 win in front of the hometown fans.

In 2019, Brady came to the understanding that his athletic career as he knew it before the accident was over, but he seemed to have a strong understanding that life goes on and you make the best of it.

"Sometimes we often wonder why do things happen? Often we never know the answer to that and never will but all we can do is hold trust in the man upstairs that he will lead us down the right path and show us the way that he wants us to take," Sprik wrote in 2019. "As an athlete I never really realized how lucky I was to be out there playing and having fun.

"I guess you can say I took advantage of it and I regret it. If there’s one thing I have learned it’s that you should always play your heart out because you never know when the game your playing will be your last or if it’ll be your last practice always push yourself to be the best you can and don’t take advantage of it. Although I truly do love playing sports I’ve come to realization that it probably won’t happen again. Which for me is fine because being on a team is about more then playing it’s about becoming a family and enjoying it even if you can’t play. It’s game day boys let’s go out there and show them who we are and what we can do!😤🔥 #gameday🏈."

Platte-Geddes is now 7-0 and plays again next week. There's still football to be played and more Friday nights for Brady to put on the jersey and fire up the boys he'll call friends for the rest of his life and who'll never forget their buddy scoring that final touchdown.

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