South Carolina Has Half-Brothers With the Same Name, Dad

Southern familial relationships can be tortured.

Sometimes our family trees really do make circles.

But I believe this has to be a first, South Carolina has two redshirt sophomore defensive tackles with the same name.

Meet Gerald Dixon, Jr., who was born on March 30th, 1993.

Then you can meet Gerald Dixon who was born on August 7th, 1993.

Both players are the son of former South Carolina defensive tackle Gerald Dixon, Sr. 

I'm not sure that you can beat the younger Gerald Dixon's personal section of his bio if you tried. It's like the opening line to a novel that every single one of you would keep reading: "Gerald Gervoris Ky'Trell Dixon goes by "Lil' G"... was born August 7, 1993... is the younger half-brother of teammate Gerald Dixon Jr... father, Gerald Dixon Sr., played at Carolina from 1990-91"

I can't stop thinking about the athletic department intern typing this bio up who was like, "Okay, is the T after the Ky apostrophe capitalized? Okay, and, I'm sorry, but is it Little G? No. How do you spell that? L-i-l-apostrophe? Okay. And, sorry again, but is that a capital G or a lil' g?"

Meanwhile, born five months apart with different moms but the same name?

And you thought your Thanksgiving was tough.

In Thanksgiving of 1993, Gerald Dixon, Sr. had two sons with two different moms and the same name.

It's probably fair to say these two moms aren't sitting side-by-side at the football games. 

As much as you might like to think that I spend every minute of every day scouring SEC rosters for familial anomalies, Outkick was made aware of this amazing feat via reader email:

Thomas M. writes:

"I was recently looking at the South Carolina football roster and noticed that there were two redshirt sophomores named Gerald Dixon. At first I thought some SID intern just forgot to update the roster but I noticed that while they were both from Rock Hill, SC, they went to different high schools. It turns out that they are half brothers. So not only did Gerald Dixon get two women pregnant in the same year, he convinced both to name their kid after him, and then both kids turned out to be stud defensive linemen. Why is this not a national story?! Gerald Dixon Sr. might be a more legendary father than Orlando Shaw!" 

As if that wasn't enough Gerald Dixon, Sr. got both kids to enroll at South Carolina in the same year. 

Then they redshirted in the same year. 

Now both will see playing time on the defensive line this fall. In fact, Gerald Dixon, Jr. is listed as a co-starter. 

As for Gerald Dixon, Sr., he's a PE teacher in Rock Hill, South Carolina. 

And there's definitely a "you can blow my whistle, baby," joke to make here, but I'm far too mature to make it. 

This is an amazing story, but just wait until Travis Henry's kids all become eligible to play college football. Tennessee is going to have an entire recruiting class made up just of Travis Henry's kids, who will all play different positions, and that class will probably be ranked number one in the nation.

But in the meantime, Outkick has found our favorite two defensive players in the SEC. 

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