So... NYC Is Set To Boost Police Budget Big Time. Maybe They Weren’t The Problem After All

A lot of us out here could have helped New York City avoid a big problem, if decision-makers had only listened. OutKick founder Clay Travis, as well as many others, have been warning people for well over a year about defunding the police.

Those warnings were largely ignored, including in New York.

After pressure from constituents who were calling for defunding the police, almost a billion dollars was slashed from the police budget last year. The NYPD makes up a sizable chunk of that budget. But those calling for reductions were successful.

The result? A large surge in violent crime that now has New York City mayor Bill de Blasio going the other direction. According to a tweet from Breaking911 on Monday night, the funding will increase by $105 million.

I'll take "Things We Saw Coming" for $600, Alex.

Who didn't see this coming? As much as people want to attack police departments, their presence deters crime. Not all crime, but a lot of it. Taking away the police's ability to do their jobs effectively is almost always going to result in crime surges.

Unfortunately, it took decreasing funds for de Blasio and others to realize that.

For anyone holding out hope the police force will be abolished in New York City, that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. In fact, it seems that calls to defund the police have actually caused police budget increases, though at a terrible cost.

Clay recently went in on the absurdity of defunding the police, which you can view below. You can also purchase one of our limited edition Fund The Police Shirts by clicking Here!

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