SNL Makes Fun of PC Bromani Company Ads

Corporate America has realized that the best way to ensure your brand is beloved by idiot PC Bromani millennials is to make an ad that doesn't even connect to your brand at all, but give it a PC Bromani twist. 

If you watched the Super Bowl commercials you know exactly that I mean. 

That's because losers on social media like nothing better than sharing a Facebook or Twitter ad like this that then goes viral. "Look," these safe space losers are saying via viral virtue signaling, "I'm a good person! I'm inclusive. I like diversity! INEQUALITY IS BAD! Click and share!"

Yep, companies have noticed that social justice warrior signalling is so hot in the social media streets. Even if, you know, the people doing the social justice warrior signalling do nothing else but click like, these companies are able to cynically take advantage of these PC Bromani losers by getting their product more eyeballs than they would have otherwise.

Of course, the PC Bromanis are too stupid to understand this. 

Well, last night SNL took aim at this new trend with an ad pitch for Cheetos. And while many SNL skits run on way too long and aren't very funny, every now and then the company's satire perfectly hits the mark. 


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