'Sleepy Joe' Dozes Off During Climate Change Conference

Joie Biden didn't pick up the nickname "Sleepy Joe" by accident. The man seems to fall asleep on a whim.

The latest example was Monday's COP26 climate change conference in Scotland, where Biden appeared to catch some Zs during the opening monologue.

"Before that, he had closed his eyes for about seven seconds, opening them and then nodding back off for the long stretch," the New York Post wrote. "Biden is the oldest-ever US president and turns 79 this month."

But hey, at least Biden was awake long enough to mutter some gibberish -- or actually, about 12 minutes' worth -- about the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

“Those of us who are responsible for much of the deforestation and all the problems we have so far have an overwhelming obligations of the nations who in fact are not there, have not done it,” Biden said.

In other words, Biden nodded off but it was Biden himself who may have delivered the most sleep-inducing speech of them all.

Is it any wonder that even Democrats appear to want to replace Biden, as relayed by OutKick's Bobby Burack.