Seattle Police Are Being Attacked For Not Masking By Woke Idiots Who Don't Seem Bothered By Crime Explosion

While a crime explosion continues to rock the city, the big news Wednesday in the Seattle Times came in the form of an Office of Inspector General report on the city's police force and its lack of...MASKING...during the COVID years.

In the report, the civilian-run OIG oversight agency called the lack of masking a "serious cultural issue" within the police department and noted how officers didn't comply with orders to mask up. Now meet the OIG oversight agency leadership.

We have woke Lisa Judge as the official inspector general who, in 2021, was calling for the end of minor traffic stops. We'll have more on Lisa's form of policing, but first let's dive into what her office has been up to recently.

The department's OIG determined that officers flat out refused to wear masks during COVID and it was a huge issue -- for Lisa's team of fellow wokes.

“The challenge is larger than just mitigating the spread of COVID-19,” Judge wrote in her report. “Compliance — and public safety — may improve if all staff are held accountable for not following orders.

“Setting the precedent that mask orders do not need to be followed establishes a culture in which future, unrelated orders may be ignored as well,” the report continued.

You know where this is going. Yes, Lisa's office crunched the numbers to determine that the Seattle PD spent over $5 million on COVID costs and $343,000 on "COVID-related" overtime from November 2020 to June 2021.

Lisa's office is mad that no officers were disciplined for not wearing masks. That led to Lisa firing up woke lib lib politicians.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the playbook here from Lisa and her fellow wokes. She fake cares about the mask thing because it's something to hammer the department on. Lisa's job as a woke is to hate the police and everything they stand for. Lisa doesn't want the police making minor traffic stops. In her little woke community, she's looked at as the savior who fights the big, bad police force.

Yea, Lisa! You go girl.

Lisa's office is bombarded with demands from Black Lives Matter to make policing in Seattle impossible. The results are off the charts for Lisa and BLM. Seattle is the hellhole they want it to be.

In early April, the Seattle Times asked the city assistant police chief how things were going with crime. "We're not seeing it slow down at all," Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette, commander of SPD’s Criminal Investigations Bureau, told the paper.

How bad is it this spring for the Seattle police and citizens? There's been a 95% increase in shots fired and a 171% increase in people being shot over 2021.

“And last year was one of the highest years we’ve had on record,” Police Chief Adrian Diaz told city council.

Violent crime is up to a level the city hasn't seen in 30 years. In 2021, Seattle's violent crime statistics hit a level the city hadn't seen since 2001. If the violent crime levels of 2022 continue, the statistics will smash 2021's historic run.

• Robberies - up 30%

• Aggravated assaults - up 24%

• Violent crime - up 32%

We're talking crime numbers Seattle has seen since 1995 if things continue at this pace.

Why aren't people speaking up? City Council President Debora Juarez claims people are “afraid they’ll be called a racist, or demonized.”

"I hesitate sometimes for different reasons — the above-mentioned worry about sensationalizing crime, and also because if you say something bad is happening here it gets used as proof by the Fox News types that Seattle is a dying liberal hellhole," Times columnist Danny Westneat writes.

Get woke, go broke.

Or shot. Or robbed. Or assaulted. Or all three!

Meanwhile, it's hard to find a news link to Lisa Judge worrying about the crime that has turned Seattle into a hellhole. She made $201,174.69 in 2020.  Lisa can afford to live away from the crime and go out to masked-up parties on Saturday nights where she meets with fellow wokes who have a stated goal of fighting the big bad police.

Great work, folks. You sure are sticking it to the man with your mask crusade.

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