School Closures Resulted in Half of America's Students Falling Behind an Entire Year

Government-imposed pandemic policies like school closures have caused immeasurable, long-lasting damage.

That's according to statistics from the government's own Education Department.

Those statistics showed that school closures and other pandemic policies like mask mandates meant that half the nation's students have fallen behind a year in their education.

USA Today quoted Rachel Hansen, a statistician for the National Center for Education Statistics, about the jaw dropping increase.

"We're seeing that they're starting the school year off about the same as they were last year," Hansen said. "And I think overall, it means that we've got a long road ahead of us in trying to get kids to get back to grade level." 

Peggy G. Carr, National Center for Education Statistics Commissioner, said that the concerning information means catching up will be a lengthy process.

"These data suggest that academic recovery will take time," Carr explained.

Left unsaid is that this is a direct result of the government pointlessly forcing schools to close. Usually, at the behest of "experts" like Dr. Fauci.

Fauci repeatedly fear mongered about the dangers of COVID to kids. According to Chalkbeat, in spring 2020 he said "We don’t know everything about this virus, and we really better be very careful, particularly when it comes to children."

Those comments, and many others like it, contributed to administrators' unwillingness to follow science and get kids back in school.

School Closures Were Always Unnecessary

Experts, teachers unions and politicians kept schools closed for well over a year in some areas. All despite the overwhelming evidence that COVID was never much of a threat to younger age groups.


But political expedience and activism ensured that kids were continuously forced to stay home or wear masks.

Instead of taking accountability for their mistakes, educational leaders have shirked responsibility.

Many discuss the importance of catching up on learning loss and getting kids back on track. But until they acknowledge the root problems behind it, there's nothing stopping them from returning to closures at the first sign of new variants or significant surges.

Remote learning and masked schooling has been an unmitigated disaster for children. Especially those whose parents couldn't afford private tutoring and high speed internet.

The costs of these unnecessary mistakes are only beginning to be quantified. Half the country's children are now a full year behind. And if they aren't able to catch up, how much further will they fall in the years to come?

All because "experts" inaccurately believed they could control the spread of a highly infectious respiratory virus. And then lied about the threat it posed to children.

Of course, the real threat was the politicians and administrators who took their nonsensical advice and set back an entire generation in the process.

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