School Closures Could Lead to $28 Trillion in Economic Losses

The consequences of panic induced pandemic-related school closures could be even worse than previously imagined.

Thanks in large part to the incompetence and ego of supposed experts, most schools were shuttered in March 2020.

Children were shut out of schools long after any possible, realistic justification. Despite the lack of evidence that they were remotely effective, political opportunism and teacher's unions kept them closed for a year and a half, in some areas.

Lockdown proponents even advocated for closures to continue as a permanent, rolling feature in periods of high viral transmission.

Now, new research has concluded that schools being shuttered could cost trillions in economic damage.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a study by a Stanford economist showing children could earn $70,000 less over their lifetimes.

This was based on analysis of the disastrous drop in math test scores among eighth-graders taken between 2019 and 2022.

These scores, attributed in part to closures, are just one of many data points showing alarming learning losses.


School Closures Exclusively Helped Teacher's Unions

According to the report, if these learning losses aren't recovered, young students will turn into less educated and skilled adults.

This could result in earnings nearly 6% lower over the lifetime than students from just before the pandemic started.

Eric A. Hanushek, the Stanford economist who conducted the analysis, explained, “The economic costs of the learning losses will swamp business cycle losses."

These losses could total up to $28 trillion.

He also said that the math score drop was the largest recorded, and translated to ~0.8 years of missed school.

As with many COVID-related policies, school closures were an exclusively political decision. Teacher's unions benefitted from working at home, and in many cases staged protests to keep them closed.

The "experts" also contributed, with the CDC consulting with unions before releasing school guidance. This cozy relationship did nothing to control disease spread, but did benefit allied political groups.

Unsurprisingly, children and the country's economy will pay the price.

This is why the push for pandemic "amnesty" is so offensive. Those involved in creating and perpetuating this debacle must apologize and admit mistakes.

Otherwise, they'll be given license to continue these same policies whenever they deem necessary. And no matter the horrifying cost.

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