Scenes Emerge From UFC Fight Island

UFC is staging its much anticipated Fight Island series of events in Abu Dhabi. The first one is highlighted by a bout between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal and takes place this Saturday, July 11th.

When people have been envisioning what this event will look like, imagery pops into one's mind that it'll look like this gorgeous octagon outside on the beach that UFC shared on Instagram earlier this week:

However, it sounds like there wasn't any safe way to construct an octagon on the sand like that. Here is the arena the events will be held in (with a further acknowledgement that everyone wanted it on the beach and more scenes from outside):

Well, the arena's not quite as scenic. Nevertheless, UFC deserves a lot of credit for figuring this out. Dana White has repeatedly asserted that this was necessary in order to avoid burning out the promotion's American fighters with too many events. This was a very creative solution  and it will be fascinating to further watch it play out.


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