Ryan Day vs. Jim Harbaugh Gets Heated On Conference Call, Insider Says

Word is traveling around the B1G world about a Tuesday conference call amongst football head coaches that included an exchange between Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh that goes to show you that there's never a day off for hating each other in this rivalry. The rumor mill has been fired up over an alleged "we'll hang 100 on your ass" comment, but Buckeyes' 24/7 insider Dave Biddle has clarified exactly went down between the two coaches.

Yes, there's a '100' declaration, but Dave irons this out for the Internet.

For those of you who don't know, Al Washington left Michigan in 2019 to take a linebacker coaching job with the Buckeyes and was unleashed on the recruiting trail where he landed 5-star Zach Harrison for Day after Harrison had considered Michigan. Add it all up and Jim's still hurt and acting like the typical baby that he is.

Maybe it's a Harbaugh ploy to fire up his team headed into camp after barely registering a pulse while getting their heads stomped in on the home turf back in November. Or maybe Jim's just this dumb to fire up this Buckeyes team even more for the October 24 game in Columbus.

What's clear in this rivalry is that until Jimmy (0-5 against Ohio State) can show a pulse in the rivalry he should just sit there on the conference call and act like the 3rd or 4th place coach that he is.

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