Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Told Confidantes Trump Will Crash and Burn

Buried inside a Vanity Fair story about Sean Hannity dating Fox News colleague Ainsley Earhardt, Gabriel Sherman reported that their ultimate boss, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has a very dim outlook on President Donald Trump's reelection chances:

It's not exactly stunning that Murdoch and Trump are at odds at the moment. As the Vanity Fair story notes, shows on Fox News -- outside of Hannity and the Fox & Friends program Earhardt hosts -- have had dips in their unwavering cheerleading for Trump.

Murdoch's newspapers haven't been kind either. The Wall Street Journal editorial board slammed Trump for his tweets about Joe Scarborough. Before that they said he was wasting his coronavirus briefings by beefing with the press.

On his Twitter account, Trump has been acting as a Fox News ombudsman:

Meanwhile, Trump has been praising OANN, a Fox News rival that is gunning for their market share in right wing TV:

To Murdoch's (alleged) point, Trump has been slumping in polls and gambling odds as the nation endures coronavirus and there are ongoing protests across the country after George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police.

There's a lot of time left between now and November, but it would not be surprising in the slightest if Rupert Murdoch really does believe that Trump is reeling right now.

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