Ron DeSantis Challenger Admits Which Side The Media Is On

Democrat Nikki Fried has it all figured out when it comes to how she'll turn Florida blue in 2022 if she faces Ron DeSantis in a battle for the governor's job. Fried, who was outed by the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper in June for not reporting $351,000 in income made via a government consulting firm, thinks the race will come down to blue news outlets vs. red news outlets, and Nikki thinks the blue news organizations will get the job done for Democrats.

Seriously, she wrote that this week. And she hasn't deleted it. Nikki's standing by the statement. The problem for Nikki is that it's going to take an all-out assault -- which the blue checkmarks have already launched -- unlike anything we've ever seen to destroy DeSantis in Florida where he's been at a 60% approval rating and that's under heavy barrage from Fried's media friends.

And some wonder why the trust in media is at an all-time low. Well, when you have Nikki out here telling everyone that the networks will take care of her and Democrats in Florida, it shouldn't be shocking that people would start to question things.

According to a January report on media trust, researchers learned that trust by Americans sits at an all-time low of 27% on the trust barometer. Axios dug even deeper into the research to find some other disturbing statistics.

Let's cut to the chase here with Nikki Fried. She won't even be around to face DeSantis in 2022. As of mid-June, Charlie Crist had a commanding 10 percentage point lead on Fried for the Democratic nominee and Charlie's even crushing Nikki with female voters.

Nikki's best bet here is to aim for a job working for CNN or MSNBC as a 'political analyst' when the networks start to hire new bodies to be talking heads for the next round of elections. She'll fit in just fine on at least a dozen different outlets. Nikki might be the genius here. She seems to be setting up a bidding war for her services.

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