Rey Mysterio 'Loses His Eye' During WWE Eye For An Eye Match

Guys, I'm not big into WWE, but if there's something called an Eye for an Eye match and an 'eyeball' is going to be ripped out, I'm into that kind of content. So last night it was Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins going eye to eye in a WWE Extreme Rules match. I'm not sure what differentiates the Extreme Rules from the regular rules, but I have to assume it has something to do with blood and eyeballs being ripped out.

In this match the big move was Rollins shoving Mysterio's eye into the corner of the steel steps and there went the eyeball. Then Rollins pukes and we have ourselves an extreme match. Paramedics were there to take care of Rey and we'll just assume he'll need a bandage over his eye for a couple weeks before getting his rematch with Rollins who will have his face shredded with barbed wire and then Rey eats Rollins' eyeball. Extreme Rules matches can't go back now. That eyeball storyline has to be extended.

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