Reported COVID Cases Surge In Vermont Despite Unmatched Vaccination Rates

Vermont's vaccination numbers are a sight to behold. But not so much for the surge in COVID-19 cases.

According to one report, 88% of adults in Vermont are vaccinated. The numbers are even higher for those aged 65 and older -- with nearly 100% of that Vermont demographic fully vaccinated.

But as the chart below shows, it hasn't made one iota of difference. In fact, it's pretty clear the high vaccination rate has done nothing to shrink reported COVID cases in the state. Quite the opposite, actually.

This of course is sure to garner some pushback, with angry social media mobs tweeting about how Vermont doesn't have a lot of "hospitalizations." But like everything else, those numbers are often skewed to fit a political or mainstream media agenda.

One thing we do know for sure, President Joe Biden has failed to live up to his campaign promises, most of which centered entirely around the virus.

"I will end this," Bide promised during a presidential debate.

Vermont has shown he has done anything but that. And that vaccinations aren't really all that effective in some states. That's not opinion. That's the data.