Reported COVID Cases Skyrocket In NYC Following Mask Mandate

The mask mandate has done a whole lot of good for New York City. Or not.

Truth is, since re-instituting the mandate on face coverings two weeks ago, reported COVID-19 cases have massively ballooned in NYC, as the data attests.

That's not just a small percentage there. Two weeks into the mask mandate, and yes, reported cases are up 542%. You almost can't make that up. You surely can see the true value in covering up.

Why this type of information goes ignored by the mainstream media is anyone's guess. Perhaps they don't want to admit that perhaps masking doesn't really do squat beyond keeping people from seeing your mouth.

Of course, this type of "expert" analysis of masks and vaccines has meant zilch during the entire pandemic. Cases are again on the rise throughout the world.

More testing, more fears, more reports of doomsday ahead. And more government control. So far, it's all been about narrative and control. Masks, it seems, aren't working at all. In fact, you could make the case they may be having the opposite effect. How about that?

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