Report: Brooklyn Subway Shooter Suspect Posts 'Profanity-Filled Black Nationalist Rhetoric' Videos

A man named Frank James, who recorded numerous racially charged Black nationalist YouTube videos under the name 'prophetoftruth88' is wanted as a person of interest by the New York City Police Department in connection to Tuesday's Brooklyn subway shooting that left nearly two dozen people injured, five critically.

The initial investigation by the NYPD reveals a key to a U-Haul rented by James in Philadelphia was found in a pile of belongings recovered from the train where he's accused of blasting people on the crowded Brooklyn train. The gunman is said to have addresses in Philadelphia and Milwaukee where federal agents were seen investigating a residence where James is said to have lived.

In a video posted March 20, James says he's on his way to Philadelphia and had cleared out a storage unit. "And so as I leave the state of Wisconsin, I'm about to be back in the state of Illinois, all I can say is good riddance," James states. "And I will never be back alive to that motherf--ker. You can keep that s--t."

Later in the video, James launches into a racist tirade while calling Puerto Ricans "turds in toilets." James follows that up by launching a verbal attack on a hypothetical "black b--ch" who should "die" and be "incinerated."

"I've seen a side of human beings, they need to die," James adds. "They need to suffer and drop f--kin dead."

That is followed by James noting "what's about to happen" while noting he's getting tired of black women "shi--ing out" babies.

There are numerous videos where James blames all sorts of people for the problems in the world. In one video he used Russia's invasion of Ukraine as evidence that whites are genocidal. In one January video, James notes how he's "being moved in a direction where I don't give a f--k about nobody and nobody's life."

In a video posted April 11, James says "drastic action is needed to change things" while rambling about crime against black people.

Police say that action came Tuesday and police found what they say was a weapon with an extended magazine, a hatchet, smoke grenades, a black garbage can, a rolling cart and a key to James' U-Haul.

Two smoke grenades were set off and that's when James pulled out the Glock 9mm and started firing, according to police.

There's a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Frank James.

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