Report: Blue Jays Threatened With Huge Fine, Possibly Jail If They Break Quarantine

TSN Blue Jays reporter Scott Mitchell is reporting multiple sources have told him Blue Jays players have been warned they could be fined $750,000 and face potential jail time if they break the Toronto stadium/hotel bubble this summer. Mitchell tweeted that players have been told they'd be in line for the max penalty under the Canadian Quarantine Act, which states a $750,000 fine "or to imprisonment for a term of not more than six months, or to both."

The part of the Act that Toronto media's referencing reads:

Now, it's unclear if this is just some sort of scare tactic to keep the players in line. Mitchell also indicates he assumes the same would be in play for visiting teams.

The Blue Jays have been staying at the Marriott hotel at the Rogers Centre. Players are expected to spend a total of 14 days in the building during the training camp quarantine. Players are being paid a prorated 37% of their salary for the shortened season. The league minimum this season was supposed to be which now comes out to $208,700. I think it's safe to say these guys don't want to be paying any of that to Canada.

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