Rays Might Unleash Top Prospect Wander Franco In The World Series

The Tampa Bay Rays top prospect Wander Franco caused a stir after an Instagram post made fans think he may debut in the World Series. We've seen teams debut prospects in the postseason, but never a prospect of this magnitude.

It's unclear what type of role they'd trust to baseball's top prospect, so it seems likely they limit his responsibility. There's no reason to throw a 19-year-old into such a high-stakes game when they already field the best team in the American League.

So far, Franco hasn't played at a level higher than Single-A and probably shouldn't be tested just yet, but the Kansas City Royals have called up young bucks in the past and activated them in the postseason. Brandon Finnegan comes to mind.

If anyone can, it's probably Wander Franco

Putting Franco on the World Series roster could be useful experience for the youngster. If the Rays do call him up, it'll be because of his poise as well as his talent. You don't become the best prospect in the game if you can't handle big league ball.

We'll have to wait and see what manager Kevin Cash and that staff decide to do with Franco. Cash seems to pull the right strings, so we'll just have to hope Franco's part of the plan. He may just be trolling us. But for now, he has the best team in the AL, and we're left to wonder what he exactly he plans to do with the wunderkind, Wander Franco.

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