Raise Your Hand If Nikki Haley's Presidential Run Doesn't Excite You: Tomi Lahren

Nikki Haley - the Never Trumper turned MAGA coattail rider turned Never Trumper turned 2024 presidential candidate has a snowball’s chance in hell. 

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

So yesterday Nikki Haley announced her run for president and also somewhere paint is drying

Yes, that’s about how excited I- and I’d venture to guess most of my fellow conservatives- are about this announcement. 

In case you care, here it is in all its ... glory.

The text above her announcement video instructs us to “get excited” and well, we didn’t …

Or at least I didn’t. I’ll be quite frank with you, I don’t care for Nikki Haley and I never have. 

First of all, it immediately annoys me when candidates come out the gate playing an identity politics card. That’s for the Left. And the line about kicking bullies with your high heels is about as cringeworthy as HILLARY CLINTON telling urban radio she has hot sauce in her bag, swag. 

Sure, Nikki Haley looks good on paper. She’s a former governor, a former UN ambassador, a child of immigrants and as she already reminded you, a female. All that looks good on paper but kinda like paper, I find Nikki Haley to be largely one-dimensional and her authenticity to be paper thin. 

First of all, back in 2021 she said she wouldn’t run in 2024 if Trump ran so there’s that. 

Now she’s allowed to change her mind, of course. Something she’s really good at. 

Let’s look at the Nikki Flip-Flop Timeline:

In January of 2016 Nikki Haley accused Trump of “irresponsible talk.”

In February of the same year she dug in those heels on the Never Trump Train saying she wouldn’t endorse Trump because he is “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president.”

In that same month at a Marco Rubio rally she said again of Trump, and I quote, “I will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the KKK.”

In July of 2016 she finally kinda sorta endorsed Trump and that’s what she and her high heels jumped on those MAGA coattails and rode them all the way to where she is today. 

Trump selected her as UN ambassador in November of 2016 and she remained loyal to him up until January 6th, 2021 when she jumped off the bandwagon and started plotting her own political future.

Even Trump himself said of Haley, “every time she criticizes me she uncriticized me later.”

Now listen, I don’t judge someone by their loyalty to Trump, I really don’t. She’s not beholden to him and neither are you and neither am I, quite frankly.

I’m leaning toward Ron DeSantis because he has a proven track record of leadership - not just talk and BS. He also stays out of the mud and the weeds, something we need in a leader and something the independents and even Democrats can appreciate and vote for. 

But her flippity-flops on Trump are not why I don’t like Nikki Haley. I don’t like Nikki Haley because- at least to me she seems as genuine as a Kardashian booty. 

When I think of Nikki Haley I think of McCain, Romney and Dan Crenshaw in a skirt and heels- of course. 

She’s establishment through and through but she pretends to be MAGA when it suits her - not the country - her personally. 

She’s been fluffed by the establishment and she’s not fooling anybody- or at least she ain't fooling me. 

Plus, she’s got no shot.

We all know this is a Don vs. Ron race and that's the only announcement most conservatives give a hoot about is Ron DeSantis. 

But good for you, Nikki, you got some headlines and a cheesy canned line about heels in there.

Good luck!

And those are my Final Thoughts. From Nashville, God bless and take care. 

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