Putin's Puppets Issue Strong Warning To Finland's PM For Flirting With NATO

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who was apologizing for partying at 4 a.m. the last time she appeared on OutKick, seems ready to have a new debate about her country joining NATO now that Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine.

Speaking Thursday at a press conference to address the Russian invasion, Marin, 36, said her country stands with Ukraine and noted that Finland's leadership needs to take a hard look at how it can protect the homeland now that Putin seems hellbent on rewriting the world map.

"Finland is not currently facing an immediate military threat, but it is also now clear that the debate on NATO membership in Finland will change," Marin said, according to YLE News.

Friday, Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong statement against such an idea, which would bring us to what could be a showdown between Marin and Putin as tensions rise across eastern Europe.

"Finland's accession to NATO would have serious military and political repercussions," the Russian ministry warned.

"We regard the Finnish government’s commitment to a military non-alignment policy as an important factor in ensuring security and stability in northern Europe," MFA's Maria Zakharova added.

Not deterred by the Russian warning, Finland and Sweden participated Friday in a NATO summit on Ukraine, according to media reports.

"NATO hoping this will send a signal that Putin’s war is only pushing more European countries into NATO’s arms & the allure of Article 5 protections," NBC's Josh Lederman tweeted.

Before her recent apology for partying during COVID lockdowns and now this whole NATO thing, Prime Minister Marin was most famous for appearing in a Trendi magazine spread where she wore a black blazer and no blouse underneath.

Now things are much more serious as Finland, which shares a 1,340 kilometer-long border with Russia, faces threats coming from a madman who many think will keep going after he tears through Ukraine.

“No acute discussions are currently underway about the possibility of Finland applying to NATO,” Marin said Wednesday. “These kinds of decisions wouldn’t be made in a hurry.”

“You can’t influence us from the outside. We’ll make our decisions from our own national starting points. Russia’s actions have no effect on these decisions.”

Stay tuned. Marin-Putin is about to heat up in a big way.

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