Pres. Biden Kills Innocent Man And Seven Children As Part Of Kabul Drone Strike

Another Biden headline that didn't last long on CNN chyrons was the missile strike, ordered by the President, that killed a U.S.-backed aid worker and seven children in Kabul.

A total of nine Afghans were confirmed dead after 100-lb Hellfire missiles were ordered on the location — a result that Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby and U.S. Gen. Mark Milley considered a byproduct of "good intelligence."

U.S. intelligence coordinated the unfortunate attack and mistook Zemari Ahmadi, a 14-year technician sent to Kabul on behalf of an American charity group, as one of its supposed ISIS-K targets.

The Times covered the events that ensued after the Aug. 29 drone strikes. Reporting indicates that the Biden camp flaunted the strike as an anti-terrorist maneuver, prior to confirming Ahmadi's death as the one of the casualties.

Ahmadi's accidental death came a day before the final United States evacuations were complete. Ahmadi was among the Afghans citizens that applied for refugee status in America.

Days after the attack, Biden gave a speech at the White House regarding the Kabul missile strike. “We struck ISIS-K remotely, days after they murdered 13 of our servicemembers and dozens of innocent Afghans. And to ISIS-K: We are not done with you yet.”

President Biden and the Pentagon made the decision to hit the location without real-time surveillance, disregarding the potential presence of civilians. Pentagon officials released a statement regarding the

“U.S. Central Command continues to assess the results of the airstrike in Kabul on Aug. 29. We won’t get ahead of that assessment.  However, as we have said, no other military works harder than we do to prevent civilian casualties. Additionally, as Chairman Milley said, the strike was based on good intelligence, and we still believe that it prevented an imminent threat to the airport and to our men and women that were still serving at the airport.”

OutKick's Clay Travis previously addressed Biden's knack for lying when it comes to all the damage he's left in Kabul.

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