Poll Shows Even Michigan Dems Are Tired Of Gretchen Whitmer

An upcoming gubernatorial election vote in 2022 and new Trafalgar poll is forcing Gretchen Whitmer to make uncharacteristic pivots in her failed leadership as governor of Michigan.

The recent poll numbers showed that Whitmer is trailing Republican candidate and retired Detroit Police Chief James Craig at a six-point deficit (50.4-44.4), while 5.2 percent of the vote hangs in limbo over an undecided candidate.

The most damning detail of the results was the majority Democratic Michiganders that voted to see Whitmer ousted as governor. According to the Daily Wire report, out of the pool of voters, "53.4 percent of respondents were Democrats, 35 percent Republicans, and 11.6 percent identified as Independents."

Whitmer's ineptitude as governor has been on full display throughout the COVID lockdowns of 2020: Giving herself and her husband priority to infringe on lockdown rules and indefinitely reinstating COVID restrictions in Michigan. That is, until recently, as Whitmer turned her back on supporting masks for children and teens returning to school in the fall.

Similar to Eric Adams' rise to prominence in New York City, James Craig has built his gubernatorial campaign on fixing rising crime rates plaguing his state — promoting his background as a police officer and chief for 44 years.

"Michiganders deserve competent, consistent leaders who will always put people before politics," announced Craig, in an official statement from his campaign. "I spent 44 years protecting and serving my community, including eight years as chief of police in Detroit, and I'm prepared to lead from the front."

According to Bridge Michigan's reporting, "Detroit recorded its 186th homicide in late July, 16 more than at that time in 2020, when the city had 327 homicides, up 19 percent in 2019."

Even as a retired African American police chief, Craig still manages to attract his share of liberal outrage and opposition from activist groups, such as BLM, spread throughout the Blue state. During an event designated to announce his intentions to run for governor, Craig was met with protesters sporting anti-police, pro-BLM signage.

In July, Flint mayor Sheldon Neeley called for a state of emergency to provide funds for police in his city due to a barrage of gun violence.

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