Poll: Presidential Rematch Between Biden, Trump Favors The Don

The media is on damage control following a disastrous seven months from the Biden presidency. While liberal networks promote tough leadership and baseline acuity from the Biden White House, the American people have seen through the screen of vapid successes.

And if the voters had a do-over, the people would side with re-electing former President Donald J. Trump back into office, according to a recent Emerson poll.

The national poll surveyed Americans at the start of September over their pick in a Biden-Trump rematch. Support proved strongest for Trump, with over 64 percent of his political base voicing their support.

While the two were neck and neck in the overall count, with Trump at 47 percent of general voters and Biden at 46 percent, the Biden voting base has been extremely weak. Nearly 40 percent of Democrats voiced their desire to see another candidate, not named Biden, take the White House.

Biden's tracking in the Emerson polling had seen a bump in disapproval from Americans since February, with this category shooting up like gas prices under the current presidency.

When polling Americans on Biden's progress, "47% disapprove and 46% approve of the job he is doing as President. Seven percent (7%) are undecided."

The report adds, "Biden’s approval rating has gone down since the last national poll in February, where his approval was at 49% approve and 39% disapprove, with 12% undecided."

Trump has been on a tear the past couple of months, chiming in on the ongoing disaster in Washington — with the adverse Biden administration hindering the U.S. economy, discouraging job growth, making America energy dependent, furthering political discourse in the nation and fumbling the nation's exit from Afghanistan.

With a decision to run again surely in the cards, Trump may continue to grow enticed by his chances the further that Biden slides in the public's perception.

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