Polish Bare Knuckle Fighter Suffers Brutal Knockout Via 'Tyson'

Let's go to a Polish bare-knuckle fighting tournament held Saturday at the Gromda fight club where it was Krystian Kuzma, also known in the Polish bareknuckle community as 'Tyson', versus Łukasz ‘Brodacz’ Załuska. Not going to lie, I'm new to the world of Polish fight clubs, but this actually went down Saturday night, it was on pay-per-view and from all appearances from the social media being pumped out of the Gromda Facebook account, this is presented as the UFC of Polish bare knuckle fighting.

The bad news for Brodacz is that his night ended via stretcher after 'Tyson' caught him with one of those bare-knuckled rights you hate to see if you're on the receiving end. Let's go to the punch!

You don't have to be a genius to know what you just saw. If you're a moron, TalkSport is here to walk you through it:

That's right, 'Tyson' had to fight three times to win the whole thing. This is what he looked like after a night of work. I'm still trying to figure out what he wins for the effort and the destruction to his eye. My head is spinning trying to get Google Translate to work for all the Facebook posts I'm going through. If you want to see some other fighter faces from the brutal event, go here. You've been warned.

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