Pizza Delivery Man Denies Poisoning Michael Jordan Ahead of Flu/Food Poisoning Game

Your lasting memory of The Last Dance may not relate to who Michael Jordan was as a player or as a person. It could be that his infamous "flu-game" might have been a myth. The docu-series revealed that there's a strong belief Jordan was a victim of a terrible feeling known as food poisoning. His trainer Tim Grover blamed it on a late-night pizza Jordan ordered in Utah. This led to some witty theorizing that it was done on purpose to slow the G.O.A.T. down. But not so fast...

Craig Fite, a former assistant manager at a Utah Pizza Hut, identified himself as the cook and deliverer. He didn't poison MJ, he claims.

Fite isn't one to post on Facebook and run. The former pizza man backed his comments up on The Big Show with Jake Scott and Gordon Monson. You can hear the audio here.

What a "bunch of crap." How could a Bulls' fan who named his son after Jordan do such a thing? He even had money on the team, for crying out loud.

Look, I've never known a man to poison someone with food and admit it. So, I'm not about to exonerate someone after a denial. However, I do hope Jordan didn't get sick from a pizza. A perk of being a fan is shamefully imagining your favorite player getting the flu and going off. Plus, it just doesn't sound the same. The "flu game" rolls off the tongue.

Oh, and who wants to have to worry about every pizza they order? There really isn't an alternative to a Friday night delivery.

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