Pink Dress and White Dress Tell Their Side of the Catfight Story

Yesterday as part of the most visited day in Outkick the Coverage history, we brought you the story of the Steeplechase catfight. 

Then we followed up with a director's cut piece, which provided the definitive view of the entire melee.

Shortly after we posted the definitive version of the catfight, who reached out and contacted OKTC?

The girl in the pink dress.

She wanted to tell her side of the story.  

In particular, she said, "I want to get the truth out there."

I suggested she write a piece and I'd run it on Outkick, but she had a better idea, why not just call into 3HL on Nashville's 104.5?

So at four central she called in. The first segment is all her. Then she's joined by white dress.  

It's possible this is the greatest interview in radio history. You must listen. 

If you haven't already seen the Steeplechase catfight videos you can watch them now. 

This is the definitive director's cut that was sent in by a reader yesterday. 

And here is part two:

Among the major revelations:

1. There was a previous catfight that no one got on film.

This was actually catfight part two. 

2. Both pink and white dress say they were sober. 

3. White dress says she had on a pink thong.

I'm the Woodward and Bernstein of catfight underwear questions.  

4. Pink dress claims she was not arrested.

Several media outlets have reported that she was arrested.

The truth?

Who knows.

5. Pink dress is a Georgia grad who was employed by Google for several years.


6. Pink dress has a child and you can hear him during the interview.

He's a very cute kid. 

7. The girl in the black dress is a former University of Tennessee cheerleader.

8. They really did have a limo. 

Honestly, the entire catfight interview is a comedy pyramid.

Just listen to the interview yourself.  


If you're just catching up. 

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Pink dress and white dress tell their side of the catfight story on the radio.

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