Pics From Obama's Private Party Prove He Was Lying About CDC-Friendly Guest List

After ensuring Americans that his birthday party extravaganza would be scaled back to a COVID-friendly guest list, rather than the originally scheduled 500-person event, it appears that former President Barack Obama may have been spouting some BS ahead of his bday to save his skin.

Once again proving that Democratic politicians remain as transparent as the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Photos from Friday's 60th birthday bash were released by the Daily Mail, displaying massive tents sprawled throughout Martha's Vineyard that welcomed a star-studded cast of celebrities rather than the mitigated total Obama had promoted following the controversial headlines.

When news first surfaced of Obama's plans to welcome hundreds of guests, critics pointed out his hypocritical decision in the face of CDC-mandated guidelines that continue to force masks and vaccines on responsible Americans — most recently due to the spike in cases seen from the Delta variant.

Obama responded to the critics by ensuring that his reduced guest list would limit the event to "close family and friends." Hundreds of guests were seen pouring in to the island, also shown in close proximity and without masks throughout the evening.

Seen touching down on the festivities were names like John Kerry (via private jet), Kathleen Biden (ex-wife of Hunter Biden), Stephen Colbert, Dwyane Wade, Oprah, Jay-Z, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and more ... sounding like the only action that Obama took was copying+pasting Epstein's flight logs.

Thanks Obama.

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