Photoshop-Gate Update: CNN Says Biden Campaign Removed Redskins Logo

Photoshop-gate update: CNN claims it is not the culprit.

Here's where it's at: As Fox News first wrote, CNN aired a photo of Joe Biden and his son wearing a Redskins hat, but the logo was erased. But not everywhere forever. The internet quickly found the photo originally showed his son's hat with the Redskins' logo. Via 2020 technology, it had been deleted.

Most assumed CNN was behind the deletion. CNN says no. In an email to Washingtonian, a network source said the Biden campaign sent the photo absent of the logo. Biden's campaign said it did so for copyright reasons.

At this point, it appears this story won't reach the heights it was on pace to. But in the world of cable news and politics, nothing is ever dead, gone unquestioned, believed, or understood.

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