Photo of Bo Pelini Is An Entire LSU Mood

Did you ever have one of those days at work? You know the kind of days we're talking about. You show up for work, back when you actually had to go into the office, and you discover your office rival has parked their brand-new nicer car than yours in "your" parking spot, and you KNOW they did it on purpose.

And it's all downhill from there. There's no coffee. Somebody warms up leftover tuna casserole in the microwave right around the corner from your cube, so your neck of the woods smells like bad armpits all bleeping day.

Someone steals your bag lunch from the fridge. Then you get chewed out by your boss loudly enough for everyone to know it, and as you're slinking back to your desk, your rival -- the same jerk who stole your parking spot -- looks at you like, "Yeah, you suck, and I DID take your parking place, bwaahahahahahahahahahah."

That kind of day?

Well, LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini had that kind of day Saturday in the Tigers' 45-41 loss to Missouri.

Where have we seen that face before?


Oh yeah, that's where.