Pfizer Apparently Sponsors Everything On Mainstream Media

Pfizer suddenly finds itself on more screens than Ryan Seacrest. The biopharmaceutical corporation -- you may have heard of it -- is one of three companies producing COVID-19 vaccines. And now the biopharma-giant appears to be spending big to promote the jab via, you guessed it, mainstream media.

A Kelly Bender tweet shows just how far Pfizer's gone to work its way into the mainstream media. In her 55 second compilation, Pfizer is shown sponsoring 15 -- yes, 15! -- different shows or segments across mainstream television.

After making all that dough by way of vaccines, Pfizer now has enough spare change to sponsor the following:

Good Morning America

CBS Health Watch

Anderson Cooper 360

ABC News Nightline

Making A Difference

CNN Tonight

Early Start

Erin Burnett Out Front

ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos

Good Morning America's Weather Report

Today's Countdown to the Royal Wedding

CBS Sports Update

Meet The Press

CBS This Morning

60 Minutes

Per their investors site, Pfizer reported 2021 second quarter revenues of $19.0 billion, and an operational growth of 86%. The company has plenty of capital to sponsor anything and everything, as a way to promote not one, not two, but three vaccines, among other things.

Pfizer's latest push focuses on a booster shot that is working its way through the trial phases before coming to a shoulder near you.

Those seeking more information can tune into just about any mainstream media programing for updates.


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