Peep This: German Man Spends Small Fortune For A Slightly Bigger Bulge

A German man's small problem has forced him to spend big. And now, inch by inch, the issue is being erectified, err, rectified.

Tired of being ridiculed by lovers, Murat K, 36, invested more than $4,000 to lengthen his tiny wee wee.

“One of them told me right in the face that I wasn’t well equipped,” K told The Sun.

Even after years of over-the-counter treatments, Murat was apparently cursed with just three inches of man meat and empty results.

“I tried pills, creams, penis pumps and expanders to lengthen my penis,” he said. “I spent over $1,000 – nothing helped.”

Talk about coming up short.

After years of taking matters into his own hands, Murat decided to pursue other options to extend his pole. He sought the help of Dr. Christian Kerpen, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In exchange for $4,100, Dr. Kerpen added an inch to Murat's manhood.

Lest you think that $4k extra inch was added via glue stick and some balled up putty, rest assured, Dr. Kerpen used the “autologous fat method” to grow the German's gourd.

The procedure took about an hour and Dr. Kerpen was pleased with the outcome: “Two centimetres in length and girth – make a big difference.”

Those results probably make it hard for Murat... to regret dropping a measly $4k.


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