PC Bros Outraged Over Hysterical SNL "Meet Your Second Wife" Skit

PC Bros are OUTRAGED over a Saturday Night Live skit. 

Yes, it's real life, comedy has to be PC now too. If you make a joke that someone doesn't like, look out, they're coming for you too. That's despite the fact that, HELLO, IT'S COMEDY. If you don't like a joke then find one you do like. Or continue to be what you already are, a fucking fascist loser. 

I should start doing stand up comedy where I take comedian's jokes and make them entirely PC.

I actually think this would be an incredible special.  

Anyway, we need an NRA for comedians. You know how no matter what happens the NRA defends gun rights? It doesn't matter who just got killed, a bunch of kids in kindergarten, a nun's retreat. The actual members of the NRA could storm the White House with submachine guns and the NRA would issue this statement, "Sure, we attacked the President today, but just because we tried to overthrow the government doesn't mean that we should lose our guns. Hello, second amendment, bitches."

Well, from now on anytime a comedian gets attacked for any joke, I'm going to post about it and say, "Constitution, bitches!"

Because as far as Outkick is concerned it's in the Constitution that PC bros suck.

And we defend the Constitution here at Outkick. It's what we do.  

In this horribly offensive skit, Tina Fey and Amy Pohler, who both happen to be hysterical, hit upon a funny concept, married men meet their second wives while they are still married to their first wives in a gameshow setting. 


I mean, tell me this isn't fantastic.

Also, it's literally impossible for SNL "to go too far." They're on network television. Every joke they do has to be cleared by network lawyers. I'm not even sure we go too far on Outkick and no one reads Outkick but me.


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