Patrick Mahomes Is One Of Us, Crushes Beers

Remember when we would see athletes sucking down cold ones on the Internet? There were websites dedicated to tracking athletes living the cold one lifestyle -- remember Vince Young crushing Patron and drunk Kyle Orton? -- and we all had fun living vicariously through those athletes. Then social media came along, marketing deals became huge money for these guys and suddenly the big athletes weren't sucking down beers in public. The Internet became less interesting and we were left with boring Tom Brady and family man Ben Roethlisberger.

Thanks to Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend Brittany Matthews, this week we get Patrick Mahomes living the Coors Light life. I know it might not seem like a big deal to you guys, but trust me, it's incredibly rare these days to see a high-profile quarterback sucking down beers of any sort. Dare I say it's refreshing. Patrick Mahomes appears to be one of us -- guys who like to suck down basic beers.

It's great to see something resembling the old days like when Eli Manning would suck down a few. Eli double-fisting at the pool was a great era. Even the Jay Cutler partying era was fun. Mahomes appears ready to bring back the crushing beers for the Internet era. We need it bad. We need Mahomes crushing boat beers with Baker Mayfield. We need Jimmy G in the mix. I expect Joe Burrow will get into the mix after his first NFL season. Daniel Jones, anyone? Beer pong with Eli was great.

Why does it matter? Because the Internet needs to get fun again. It needs to be all of us enjoying this short life instead of waking up every day looking to hate rage on the latest topic. Grab a beer, let's all have a laugh and try to get through this life.

Summer of 2019:

Here's Mahomes and Brittany back in April doing the Koala Challenge in case you missed it:

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