Pacman Jones Burns Joe Haden Jerseys That Were Sent To His House (Update)

Pacman Jones came back into the sports world with a vengeance today and all it took was a box of Joe Haden Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys delivered to Pac's house to get him in a foul mood. I know, there's so much to unbox here so I'll do my best.

"I’m not the one to f--k with @joehaden23 pussy .... f--k wrong with people," said on Instagram about the box of Haden jerseys showing up at his house including some that appear to be autographed. Pac went ahead and burned the jerseys. Poured gasoline on them and lit them on fire.

How does a box of Joe Haden jerseys show up at Pac's house? Something tells me this is a box of jerseys from one of those autograph houses where players show up, sign 1,500 items, get a fat check, and go about life. I have a sneaking suspicion someone at shipping at one of these autograph farms accidentally used Pac's address.

Whatever the case, Pac got the jerseys and this is instantly one of my favorite memories of the year in sports.

You guys know nothing infuriates Pac like Pittsburgh's mustard and black and a former Browns player. This guy's going to be unhinged for the next month and could end up causing trouble at a casino over this.

Update: Haden's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, issued the following statement over Pac's jersey attack.

Of course, Joe Haden doesn't know what's going on. He's not sending out boxes of his autographed jerseys.

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