Outkick's Gambling Picks For Week One 2016

Last year we won just shy of 60% of our season long college football gambling picks. And if you're new to Outkick's gambling picks, we give out around ten picks every week. Generally these picks go up on the Wednesday of game week, but I'm so excited for college football's kickoff to get here that I'm giving you all ten picks two weeks before the first game on our board -- Vandy-South Carolina will be played. 

This year I'm planning on an undefeated gambling season. 

And it starts with week one -- 10-0 is coming baby!

Here we go:

South Carolina at Vandy, the under 42.5

What do we know about Derek Mason at this point? His defense will be outstanding and his offense will be awful. What do we know about Will Muschamp? His defense will be outstanding and his offense will be awful.

Toss in the first game of the season, a Thursday night, new quarterbacks, and the under 42.5 here is an absolute blood bank guarantee. I might even have to make a rare pronouncement here, THIS IS MY DOUBLE BLOOD BANK GUARANTEE GAME. 

There is just no way we lose the under here. 

Get rich, kids!

Georgia -2.5 vs. North Carolina

I could give you all sorts of reasons why I believe that Georgia is going to bludgeon North Carolina, but instead I'll just leave you with this single sentence, how stunned would you be if Georgia lost a home game -- Atlanta is a default home field -- to North Carolina in football?

Sometimes that's all you need to make a bet. 

And I get less than a field goal now?

Come on, making money in week one is too easy. 

Clemson at Auburn +7.5

Yeah, yeah Clemson's awesome!

But they aren't going to play well on the road at night in an SEC venue. Especially not after everyone soft stroking them all offseason. I feel like it's stealing to get an SEC team in its night opener, at home, against an out of conference team, as an over touchdown underdog. How many tough venues does Clemson actually play in at night? Florida State every other year, that's it. 

I don't think Auburn will pull off the upset -- although it wouldn't shock me at all - but they'll keep it under a touchdown. And I actually think the Gus Bus will have a halftime lead in this one. 

So if you really want to double down on this game, take Auburn on the first half line as well. 

LSU -9.5 vs. Wisconsin, the under 44.5

So you've got the former defensive coordinator of Wisconsin, Dave Aranda, now coaching against Wisconsin, a team with a crappy and boring offense to begin with? 

I mean, this feels like stealing. 

There is no way in hell that Wisconsin scores over 14 points in this game. (And that's even if Brandon Harris throws two pick sixes, which might happen.) So that means LSU can score 30 and you still hit the under even if Wisconsin hits their top point production. (I'm good at math). 

Meanwhile LSU is just going to bulldoze the Wisconsin defense with Leonard Fournette and he's going to rush for 300 yards. (Just stop practicing him for the next two weeks so his ankle is 100%. Seriously, why is anyone tackling Fournette in LSU's practice? Or slapboxing him for that matter. PLEASE JUST LEAVE FOURNETTE ALONE!)

It's going to be 31-10 LSU. I can see this result so clearly you don't even need to play the game. 

UCLA at Texas A&M -2, and the over 55

I'm nervous about this game because Josh Rosen grew such a cocky mustache that I have to admire the bastard's moxie. No way he rolls into Aggieland with that mustache and doesn't at least put up 3 TDs and 28 points. 

I'm also nervous because A&M might have three quarterbacks transfer out of College Station between now and kickoff.

But let's be honest, if there's one thing you can trust it's Trevor Knight throwing the football and, wait, he's never been over 60% completion percentage and he has pretty much the same number of touchdowns as interceptions after three years of college football?

(Takes shot of Jack Daniel's, spits it out because it's crappy PC bro whiskey and instead chugs bottle of Dewar's.)

But what about that Sugar Bowl game against Alabama!

It doesn't matter, Christian Kirk, aka Reggie Bush 2.0, is going to have four touchdowns in this game and A&M wins 31-28. You get the cover and the over, bang!  

Alabama -10 vs. USC and the under 54

Neither team will score very many points in this game, but I'm not sure USC will even score. 

That's not hyperbole. 

Plus, do you really think Lane Kiffin/Joey Freshwater isn't covering against USC?

Bama wins 31-6 and this game is never close.

It's never happened before but should I do it? Oh, hell, yes, I'm doing it's the first ever DOUBLE DOUBLE BLOOD BANK GUARANTEES: THE UNDER 54 in this game isn't even going to be close because USC isn't scoring a single touchdown.   

Ole Miss +4.5 vs. FSU

You're giving me points with Chad AK47 Kelly on the sideline for my team and a freshman quarterback starting for FSU in a Monday night game? When was the last time a freshman quarterback had an incredible Monday night game outside of his home football stadium? (I mean, other than Jameis Winston, guys.)

I think FSU wins, but it's on an overtime field goal.

The only way to make this Monday night football game better?

Outkick's multimedia empire officially expands the next day, put September 6th on your calendar, kids, we dem Outkick boyz and we're taking over the country.

10-0 baby!

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