Outkick's Gambling Picks For Week 7

It's Wednesday, time for us to get you rich with Outkick's scorching hot gambling picks. 

Last week we just went 9-7, but this means that we've made money in five of the six college football weekends so far this season. That runs our yearly record to a robust 49-28, a 64% winning percentage. 

So how do we top this record and ensure that the second half of the season is even more profitable than the first half was?

By going 11-0 this weekend. 

I'm starting with two Thursday night games:

Auburn -2 at Kentucky

I'm going to be honest with y'all, I love to get coaching mismatches with extra time to prepare. I have faith in Gus Malzahn to eventually get Auburn's offense figured out. The same is true with Will Muschamp and the defense. Auburn hasn't played since October 3rd.

Sure, the Tigers have been awful so far this year, but if they want to avoid a truly abject failure of a season this is a must win game. 

Beat Kentucky and, amazingly, you're 4-2 at the halfway point of the season. Now, things get a lot tougher in the second half of the season -- you'll probably be an underdog in all five SEC games -- but for this one night everything is going to get fixed. 

Auburn wins by double digits. 

Sorry, Kentucky fans, I still think you're a 6-6 team.

Western Kentucky -32 at North Texas

I love the Hilltoppers this year. Did you know they're a field goal away from being undefeated? And this week they are playing the worst team in FBS football. North Texas lost 66-7 to an FCS school last week. 

And now you're telling me that all Western has to do, with this unstoppable offense, is win by 32 against the worst team in FBS to cover?

This feels like stealing. 



Break your piggy bank, sell your plasma, do whatever you can to take Western here. It's going to be a bloodbath. 

Texas Tech -31 at Kansas

Here's the deal, I'm betting against Kansas in every Big 12 game until they cover. 

I don't care what the line is and I don't care who they are playing. 

Texas Tech, you're up next. 

Alabama at Texas A&M +4.5 and the over 52

In addition to these two bets, I'm also taking Texas A&M on the money line. Both teams will score quite a bit in this game, A&M can't stop the run and Alabama can't stop the pass. But the difference maker here is Christian Kirk -- he's going to give Alabama's secondary fits -- and the revamped A&M defense under John Chavis.

You think Chavis might have some extra motivation here going up against Lane Kiffin, the guy who replaced Phil Fulmer and fired him at Tennessee? He won't talk about it, but Chavis despises Lane Kiffin. Chavis's defense stifled Bama last year at LSU and it will do so again this year in College Station. 

Plus, I think we'll see a Kyler Murray package which will give Nick Saban's remaining hair follicles a dastardly working over. 

Also, don't underrate A&M having an extra week to prepare here. Arkansas exerts a physical toll on everyone they play, the Tide aren't fresh like A&M is. 

The Aggies win as outright underdogs.  

Akron at Bowling Green -11.5

If Bowling Green is playing this year, I'm betting on them.  

We got an easy cover against UMASS last week and unless LeBron James plays wide receiver I think we get another easy cover against Akron this weekend. 

Go Falcons!

Florida +9.5 at LSU and the under 47.5

While everyone has focused on the loss of Will Grier, the story here is really the Florida defense against the LSU offense. Namely, can Florida slow down Leonard Fournette and this vaunted LSU rush attack? I think the answer is 100% yes. 

I absolutely love both sides of this game, the Gators +9.5 and the under of 47.5. 

Seriously, I'd encourage you to pair them together in a parlay. Run to your bookies, now. 

West Virginia at Baylor -21

I'm taking Baylor minus the points for the rest of the season no matter who they are playing. 

Some will say I'm crazy. 

So be it. 

Vanderbilt at South Carolina the under 44

I took Vandy +5.5 at South Carolina the moment this line came out and it has since dropped down to +2.5. So I don't think Vandy's as good of a bet as it was, but I still absolutely love the under here. 

South Carolina is not very good offensively and Derek Mason has had two weeks to scheme them. Toss in the coaching transition, the flooding, the unexpected travel to Baton Rouge last week, and everything else surrounding this game and I think this contest will be really ugly and low scoring. Honestly, I think Vandy wins it outright.

But I think the under is close to a lock here.  

Penn State +17 at Ohio State

I can't tell you guys how much I love this game. Last year Penn State took Ohio State to double overtime after playing them virtually even in total yardage for the entire game. 

There was nothing flukish about this game, in fact, Ohio State actually got the benefit of some atrocious first half calls, otherwise Penn State might have won in regulation.

This year Penn State has won five straight games after a tough opening week loss to Temple. But most of the nation hasn't even noticed this. Meanwhile, Ohio State has been mediocre all season long, failing to cover in every game since week one. 

So you're telling me I've got a Penn State team that knows it was good enough to beat Ohio State last year, going on the road in a game that no one is giving them any chance to win? This is the situation that James Franklin dreams of, he's great at playing the no respect card.

My jaw dropped when I saw this line open at Ohio State -17.5. So far it hasn't budged much off that line. Don't just hammer Penn State here, take them on the money line for a part of your bet too. 

Get rich, kids. 

11-0 here we come.

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