OutKick's College Football Title Game Picks For 2021

Before we dive into the college football title game picks, a bit of news: we will be doing a live SEC title -- and college football conference title pregame show -- from 1:00 to 3:00 eastern on Saturday in downtown Atlanta at Stats sports bar. You can come hang out and visit with us if you will be in Atlanta this weekend, or you can watch the show stream live on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

So I hope to see a bunch of you there on Saturday for the final OutKick pregame show of the year.

Now for the gambling picks. We went 5-8 over Thanksgiving weekend, including a couple of brutal over beats in Penn state-Michigan State and Texas A&M-LSU. That leaves us at a sad 72-74 on the year in college football. We went 3-3 in the NFL six pack, which leaves us at 44-29 on the year there. So our NFL picks have been better, at least so far, than our college picks.

But we're going to finish strong and go 8-0 this weekend.

Here are my conference title game picks:

Utah -2.5 vs. Oregon

Utah was the much better team a couple of weeks ago against Oregon.

I don't think anything will have changed for this game.

That's especially the case because Utah dominated on the lines of scrimmage, holding the Ducks to just 63 yards rushing on 23 attempts back on November 20th.

I think we see more of the same on Friday night in the Pac-12 title game -- Utah is the stronger, more physical team.

Give me the Utes to win by a touchdown or more.

Pitt -2.5 vs. Wake Forest and the over 72.5

My prediction for the ACC title game?

Points rain down with reckless abandon and Kenny Pickett surges up some Heisman trophy boards with a phenomenal performance against this Wake Forest defense.

At the end of the day, the Pitt Panthers grab the crown in a title game no one predicted before the season started.

Pitt wins 42-34.

Iowa vs. Michigan -10.5 and the under 43.5

The Wolverines are a monster double-digit favorite in this game, but every Michigan fan is so nervous they can barely sleep as this game inches closer and closer.

It would be vintage Michigan football to finally knock off Ohio State and then lose as a double-digit favorite against Iowa the next weekend, costing Michigan both a Big Ten title and a Playoff spot.

But I'm all in on Michigan. I picked the Wolverines outright as the underdog winner on Big Noon Kickoff last weekend as my blood bank guarantee, and this week I love Michigan and the under.

I just don't think Iowa will be able to score on this Michigan defense.

Call it a 27-10 final.

Boom, you hit the under and you get your cover.

Georgia -6.5 vs. Alabama and the under 50

My blood bank guarantee this weekend is Georgia to cover the -6.5 against Alabama.

I know all the arguments against Georgia here -- Alabama hasn't been this big of an underdog against anyone since 2008 when they made Tim Tebow cry in the SEC title game foremost among them. I know the history of the Bulldogs losing monster games with inopportune collapses.

I know all of it, trust me.

But here's why I'm betting Georgia as my blood bank guarantee this week. Because I love the Georgia defense and I just don't think Alabama's that good.

In the past three weeks of SEC games, Alabama beat a 6-6 LSU team by six at home. Then they beat an 8-4 Arkansas team by seven at home. Last week I was at the Iron Bowl, and the Crimson Tide were incredibly fortunate to survive against Auburn in overtime and win by two.

Combine this with the loss to 8-4 Texas A&M and a mediocre performance against Tennessee for three quarters, and you can argue the last truly good performance Alabama had in the SEC was against Mississippi State back in October.

One reason I think Nick Saban has enjoyed these wins so much is because I think he knows it too. He may feel like he's done his best coaching job to get this team to 11-1.

Here's a final stat that brings this home for you. Alabama has won four SEC games this year by seven points or fewer. In the previous six seasons, they won three games by seven points or fewer. Alabama just isn't that good, guys.

Georgia wins by double digits, and their defense dominates and ensures the under hits.

Call it 24-10 Georgia.

Baylor at Oklahoma State -4.5

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are headed to the Playoff after they dispatch Baylor for a second time this season.

Back in early October, the Cowboys pounded the rock to the tune of 59 rushing attempts. First downs were a lopsided 24-10 advantage for Oklahoma State, and the only reason this game was close was because the Cowboys turned the ball over three times.

This time, the Cowboys protect the football better and roll to a double digit win and their first every Playoff berth.

Call it Oklahoma State 31 Baylor 21.

OutKick's NFL Six Pack:

Bucs at Falcons +11
Chargers at Bengals -3
Giants at Dolphins, the under 40.5
Ravens at Steelers +4.5
Jags +13 at Rams
Broncos +10 at Chiefs

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