Outkick the Show: Thursday, September 12, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis addressed Sam Darnold and his case of mono. Darnold will miss the Jets’ upcoming came against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night, and Clay wondered why we don’t hear about mono cases more among college quarterbacks and athletes in general. Clay also shared his war story with the affliction while in college.

Clay then commented on LeBron James’ failed attempt to trademark the phrase Taco Tuesday. Taco John’s copyright of the phrase was filed in 1989, and Clay wonders if James is a moron, his attorneys are morons, or they just gladly accept LeBron’s money without giving him good advice.

Clay also mentioned tonight’s game between the Bucs and Panthers, and wondered if Jameis Winston will play well tonight. Winston has lost the last 12 starts on the road, and Clay is guessing Winston’s career might be over. Clay likes the Panthers -6.5. 

Clay then talked about the 4th grade Tennessee fan in Florida who designed his own t-shirt, was teased about it, and — thanks to his teacher — the shirt design caught the attention of the university and is now a best-seller on their online store. The University of Tennessee has now offered the student a full scholarship to attend UT when he comes of age, based on the overwhelming success of the shirt and the thousands of people who rallied behind the boy.

Clay went on to discuss Antonio Brown and his current legal situation. Clay and his executive producer, Danny G., are actively pursuing evidence of any criminal investigations or filings in Broward County, Florida. No word yet from authorities.

Clay also commented on the new version of Monopoly, called Ms. Monopoly, which pays more money to women who “Pass Go” than men. Clay wondered if this is a good idea to foster equality…and called it ridiculous and “Wokeopoly.”

Finally, Clay discussed the Democratic Defat taking place tonight in Houston. Biden, Sanders, and Warren are the only three who still have a chance, according to Clay.