OutKick Fantasy Football Week 5 Recap

I've got a healthy Chubb and pancake punishments await. Welcome to OutKick's fantasy football recap for Week 5.

Last week's highest-scoring team (168.64) was managed by yours truly. My Writers Block squad took top honors and more importantly - bragging rights - largely because of Nick Chubb. Unlike Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski, I kept the faith in Chubb and he rewarded me with 27.40 en route to a decisive win over Joe Kinsey's Better Business Burrow squad.

Kinsey clearly devoted more time to his Morning Screencaps column than his fantasy team. Not that anyone's complaining. It would be easy to haggle him about deciding upon starting Patriots WR DaVante Parker. But then again, he did provide us with a glimpse of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Rachel Bush and some Hooters waitresses within the last week - so we'll give him a pass.

Speaking of Hooters, OutKick writer Armando Salguero is Week 5's biggest boob. His team - Salt Warriors - finished the week with a league-low 67.18 points. Armando received no help from Lions TE T.J. Hockenson (1.60 points), who apparently remembered Detroit is supposed to stink. Oh, and the Dolphins defense turned offensive, netting the Salt Warriors -1 points. This means Armando must now enter the torture chamber.

Well, not really a torture chamber, but he will partake in a loser's punishment video.

We're Going Streaking!

Through five weeks, streaking has been the common theme within OutKick fantasy football. Two teams have won three straight games: Danny Dimes and Tier One Day Drinker. A third team, Kinsey's BBB's, have dropped three straight games.

Fortunately for the OutKick personalities involved, Rams LB Bobby Wagner hasn't been close enough to put an end to their streaking habits.

It Was Time To Pay Up

OutKick's Clay Travis was in line for a punishment thanks to his league-low Week Four. But....since he's the boss and all he was able to slide by without actually participating in any punishment videos. So no mayo sandwiches for Clay. Instead, some league members had a laugh at his expense.

See for yourselves...

And as alluded to above, Armando is the next man up when it comes to punishment. And early rumors on the street suggest that a pancake-per-hour challenge or something of the like is headed his way. That's one punishment I wouldn't mind taking part in.

Unfortunately you can't bet on how many pancakes Armando's going to choke down (I'd take the over), but you can bet on NFL games this weekend. Toss down $5 on an NFL game and you could potentially win $200 more from DraftKings (which can conveniently be done at OutKick.com/Bets).

Players On The Move

Fantasy team owners were scurrying to the waiver wire this week in an effort to avoid a dead last finish. OutKick writer Alejandro Avila, who runs the Flex Burkhead squad, is swapping Saints. Flex B's sent Jarvis Landry packing in order to pick up what-position-does-he-play specialist, Taysom Hill.

Amongst the other moves made were Tier One Day Drinkers taking a flier on Rams RB Darrell Henderson and Latavius Murray heading to the Salt Warriors. If that doesn't tell you that the league's running back cupboard is as bare as Cleveland's trophy case, I don't know what will.

You can follow the league's transactions and scores each week by taking that mouse of yours and clicking right here.

Location Scouting

It's never too early to scout locations for next season's fantasy football draft. And if you've been following along (of course you have) throughout the year, you know that OutKick is seeking a location for our in-person draft next season. Plenty of locations - mainly on the West coast - seem promising. But, I'm happy to announce that Chicago has now entered the conversation.

Peace out, footballers!

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