Oregon Fans Unleash Disgusting Chant Directed At BYU, Media Ignores It

Oregon fans behaved in shameful fashion Saturday during a win over BYU.

The Cougars traveled to Eugene to battle the Ducks, and instead of fans having fun with the game, some chose to take a shot at the Mormon faith.

During the matchup, several fans were filmed shouting, "F**k the Mormons."

Late Saturday night, the verified Twitter account for Oregon's student section tweeted an apology and said the program is "ashamed of those who participated" in the anti-Mormon chant.

The situation was so disgusting and vulgar that Utah Governor Spencer Cox even weighed in and tweeted that "Religious bigotry" is "alive and celebrated in Oregon."

National media blackout after Oregon fans shout anti-Mormon chant.

As of Sunday morning, the media has mostly ignored the situation, outside of some local reports out of Oregon and Utah.

ESPN, CNN and MSNBC haven't written a single word about it on their websites.

Is there a double standard for BYU?

However, just a couple weeks ago when Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson claimed BYU fans shouted racial slurs at her, it got wall-to-wall coverage in the media.

You couldn't turn on ESPN, CNN or just about any other channel without hearing how awful BYU students were.

Her story eventually completely collapsed one it was revealed there was no evidence supporting it. To CNN's credit, the network did a follow-up about how there was no evidence, but the damage was already done.

Now, there are Oregon students on video shouting an anti-religious message, and it's crickets from the national media. It really makes you wonder why one situation got so much attention and the other is completely ignored.

I have no doubt most of these kids were raised to live at a higher standard than this, and their shameful conduct absolutely shouldn't be completely ignored. If the media is going to go to war over a racial slur claim with zero supporting evidence, it should keep the same energy in a situation like this one.

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