Only In Florida: Man Arrested With Alligator, Drugs, Guns In Truck

We're looking for Michael Marolla. And a clean pair of shorts.

Florida’s unprecedented streak of absurd arrests continued last weekend, when a Sunshine State resident was caught with a few firearms, some meth and a baby alligator.

The Collier County Sherriff’s Department announced Friday that 31-year-old Ray Finkle...

Just kidding. His real name is Michael Marolla. Anyway, Marolla was pulled over because of a suspended license but ultimately ended up in handcuffs.

The reason for Marolla’s arrest? Turns out, Marolla’s GMC Sierra was transporting more than just an unlicensed driver. Per Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Marolla had a live baby alligator in an open plastic tub in the truck’s bed and two firearms inside of the vehicle.

Now that's one helluva model American.

In addition to the baby gator and readily available firearms, officers on the scene also discovered numerous loaded syringes in Marolla’s coat pocket. The syringes were filled with – you guessed it! – methamphetamine.

Marolla was arrested following the traffic stop, then released on bail Saturday. He faces two counts of carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a controlled substance for the methamphetamine, possession of narcotic equipment, and potential charges relating to trapping an alligator without a valid Alligator Trapping License.

Yes, that’s a real thing.

At this point, there are clearly more questions than answers regarding Marolla. The gator had to be obtained after consuming meth, right? Or was the gator security collateral? Why the need for multiple guns? One for the gator, one for the driver? Or was Marolla planning to go double love pistols in order to shoot his way out of trouble if things got hairy?

All we know for certain is that Marolla's hearing is scheduled for May 2nd and that the laces were in. They were in!

See ya later alligator.


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