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It's pretty hard to believe we've come to the end of the road for Mike Golic at ESPN

I don't like to get into worry about the sports radio industry, especially now that I'm here at Outkick, because Bobby and Clay have a far superior knowledge of the business than I ever will and that's their thing, but watching the career of Mike Golic come to an end at ESPN is pretty wild to watch. ESPN announced its new lineup Tuesday and Golic Sr. is gone. He's 57 and there's no longer room for him or Trey Wingo in the morning slot. Wingo hitting the road isn't big news because us guys in our 40s didn't spend years driving to work and listening to that guy. I guess the suits who track the numbers think Golic has run his course and is no longer needed as the older listeners have long moved on from ESPN radio. It didn't help when ESPN paired Golic with Trey Wingo and stuck them in what looked like a closet after Mike Greenberg started Get Up. And it didn't help when Mike Jr. was on the show and stumbling and bumbling all over his dad and Wingo. Honestly, it was a disaster. Now Sr. rides off into the sunset and should still be able to sling ads for whatever Brett Favre's turning down. Maybe Nutrisystem, if it's still in business. I could also see Golic Sr. showing up Super Bowl week on Radio Row and doing the rounds. You'd have every booking agent on Radio Row begging him to stop, knowing it'll be fun radio and the old timers will want to know what his retirement is like.

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