Old Guys Rule: Ageless Wonder Ric Flair Proves He's Still Got Championship Moves

Ric Flair is naughty by nature.

The 73-year-old wrestling legend showed that he's still got some tread left on the tires after posting a training video with wrestling partner Jay Lethal.

Flair trained like he was prepping for a 17th world championship, making viewers wince at the geriatric grappler's extreme moves.


As he stated back in November 2021, Flair will forever be committed to the hustle — even claiming that he'd rather be bodyslammed into the afterlife than walk away peacefully.

Flair firmly believes his moment in the spotlight ain't over yet.

“Most assuredly, and a lot of conversation,” Flair said, as relayed by OutKick's Nick Geddes. “That talk hasn’t happened, but could I do it? Absolutely. I’m in better shape now than I was when Sting and I wrestled the last match on Nitro. WWE won’t let me do anything, even though I’m released.

"I understand, they have so much liability and I told them I would sign anything," he added, "but nobody wants me to die on their watch. I’d rather die in the ring. If I have to go, I’d rather not jump off the 19th floor or spend another 31 days in the ICU.”

Daughter Charlotte Flair hasn't been as supportive of the Nature Boy's ride-or-die vision. She reacted to the video by commenting, "Dad, WTF," but fans cheered on the wrestling titan for giving Father Time a Figure Four Leg Lock.

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