NYC Health Updates Its Covid-19 Sex Guidance, Adds Suggestions

The New York City Health Department has released new Covid-19 sex guidance, the first time it has updated guidance since March, and the experts are still saying you can have sex, but they've come up with some new suggestions on how to stay safe during these weird pandemic times. First things first, NYC Health says wear a mask. I know, I know. Some of you can't stand the mask thing and wearing one into the bedroom seems like an absolutely crazy idea. It's one thing when Costco's telling you a mask is required, it's another when NYC Health is making sack suggestions. I get it.

Here are some other suggestions from NYC Health:

It's all pretty logical stuff from the NYC health experts. Rimming is still out. And they're suggesting to jump on a computer (maybe hit up Renee Gracie's OnlyFans account?) for some of your hand-to-hand combat time if you can't find a healthy partner to get down with.

Full guidance from the NYC Health Department can be found here.

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