Normal People Don't Tolerate Filth In Front Of Children: Tomi Lahren

Guess what sickos, it is not your right to dress up in women’s clothes and perform sexual dances in front of children and thanks to a new Tennessee law, that crap won’t fly in the Volunteer state anymore! 

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

It’s now against the law in Tennessee to hold drag shows on public property, in the presence of children or near schools in the state. 

Note, you can still dress in drag and dance for each other and adults, mind you! You just gotta leave kids out of it. 

Now you’d think preventing grown-ass men from dressing as hyper-sexualized women to strip, dance and gyrate in front of minors would be a pretty damn bipartisan and pretty damn decent thing to do but you’re forgetting that millions of Americans are infected with the disease known as liberalism. 

The Left is outraged over this, proving once again that there is no gutter, trench or sewage drain they won’t crawl out of. 

California’s greasy governor Gavin Newsome chimed in, of course.

"Tennessee has the 8th highest murder rate in the nation. It ranks 44th among states for health outcomes. And this is what the Governor is focused on."

Better question, Gavin, why do you want sexualized freak shows gyrating in front of children? 

Also, Gavy poo, your Californians are fleeing to Tennessee in record numbers … so maybe take notes. Normal people don’t tolerate this filth and it should be illegal everywhere as should allowing and even coaxing children to cut body parts off and switch genders.

But Gavin isn’t the only Democrat furious that Tennesseeans don’t cosign perverts and pedophiles. 

Here’s our brilliant diversity pick press secretary wondering why we take protecting children so seriously in this state. 

Karine Jean Pierre: But instead of doing anything to address those real issues that are impacting American people right now, you have a governor from Tennessee has decided to go after drag shows. What sense does that make to go after drag shows? How does that going to help people's lives?

What sense does it make to go after drag shows, Karine? 

Well if you liberals find this FILTH acceptable, you are quite frankly irredeemable. 

If you think children should be exposed to that, you are a sicko and pervert and a freak and you should probably be on some kind of watch list or in jail. 

What in the hell is happening to our society? 

Even here in blue Music City, some of my fellow Nashvillians are horrified that children won’t be so easily groomed in our state any longer.

There are actually hotlines to call if not being able to perform simulated sex acts in front of minors causes you pain and anxiety. 

This is some sick sick stuff. My god. 

And it gets better, these pervs are trying to validate their desire to crossdress and dance for kids by somehow trying to dry parallels between our governor dressing up as a woman - as a joke - in high school like it’s somehow the same as the kind of sick crap they wanna do. 

Y’all are nuts, just plain nuts. 

So just so we are clear, here’s a little public service announcement, it is not your constitutionally protected right of free speech and expression to dress as a woman and strip, gyrate and groom little kids! 

Our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves you weirdos are trying to invoke the Bill of Rights to cover your twisted perversion. 

And those are my Final Thoughts. From Nashville, God bless and take care. 

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