No, Celebrities Don't Need Masks. Yes, Your Children Do While in School.

I despise annoying clichés such as rules for thee but not for me. I prefer explanations such as celebrities are entitled mercenaries who look down on the fans who granted them generational wealth.

Sunday night at the Emmys, which no one watched, millionaire actors and actresses gathered together in downtown Los Angeles to receive their awards and praise. Stunningly, no one in attendance wore a mask. They figured their faces were more appealing not hidden behind used cloth. Unfortunately, students across Los Angeles aren't that lucky.

While the celebrities attended the indoor Emmys maskless, kids ages two and older have to again mask-up in Los Angeles schools this year. That includes vaccinated students. Interestingly, many of the attending maskless celebs were also proponents of masking children in public schools. How does that add up? Actually, quite easily.

That is not hypocrisy but sophistication. Celebrities and Barack Obama's friends are smart enough to make their own decisions. But of course, we are not. If you didn't know that, you should read the New York Times -- they have explained at length:

Got that? If you don't fall into the sophisticated category, you must listen to the ruling class. Elitist leaders will make the decisions you are not qualified to make. Look at it as a service to you.

Remember that. 

Much of what I said read like paragraphs on a satire site. Perhaps those lines will soon appear on The Babylon Bee. However, the same paragraphs undoubtedly appear in the minds of the country's most prestigious group: media, Democrat politicians, and residents of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. While it's unclear if this group has an official title, their motives are clear: they are here for you because you are beneath them.

Actors and actresses re-sent a message last night to average Americans. They showed up maskless at an in-door event in Los Angeles with designer clothing to distinguish themselves from the working class. At the Emmys, celebrities reminded us they are superior and we must continue to worship them for their prowess.

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