Nick Saban's Hip, Golf Swing Seems To Be Fine

Nick Saban said in May 2019 that he was chipping and putting three days after hip surgery. That same month he told the media, "I sat at home for 6 hrs in a chair ... then I was walking around in the yard when (wife Miss Terry) got back & she said, ‘I’m going to call the doctor or the police on you if you don’t get back in the house.’ I just don’t sit still well."

Fast-forward to June 2020 and Nick Saban appears to be fully back to functional golfer who can stroke it right down the fairway and the hip surgery isn't causing any problems these days for a guy who also said after hip surgery about sitting around: "If this is what retirement's like, it's not for me."

Saban, 68, was out this weekend stroking balls. In an undated video, Saban can be seen showing off his irons off the tee. His daughter Kristen Saban Setas even went out to the Ol' Colony Golf Complex in Tuscaloosa to catch up with dad who was working on his golf game all by himself and laser focused on getting better one shot at a time.

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