NHL Bubble Brawls, Bob Stoops On A Booze Run & Danny G. Can't Find Quarters To Do Laundry

This is a big day for Screencaps during the pandemic

Guys, I have great news to report this morning. Screencaps is absolutely loaded with actual sports content. It's like we've officially turned a corner now that there are NHL bubble fights, NFL quarterback photoshoots, Tiger f-bombing. Sports really are back and we can go back to that life we all used to love so much.

Keep in mind the PGA Championship is in San Francisco. That means you're getting golf coverage tonight on ESPN until 11 ET. I came in from a night on the patio, turned on the TV and there's golf at 10:25 ET. It was incredible. Then I get to see every Tiger shot I need to see via replay and call it a night. Absolutely glorious out there right now.

Add in the fact that the NHL bubble playoffs are heating up and you have options on top of options this weekend. The grass is cut, the pool is clean and there's a cooler waiting to be loaded down. I have a small flagstone project, but other than that it's going to be a sports and patio weekend. I'm ready for it. We've waited long enough for weekends like this. Let's get out there and enjoy it, fellas.

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